U-NITE - the YOUTUBE channel for kids.  

While kids are at home, they can join each week to watch a Good News Club.  They can also sing along to Christian songs and read about Missionary adventures.  Children can watch these videos over breakfast, after school, in the evening—anytime!

Stuck at Home Devotionals

This set of 30 Stuck at Home Devotionals is designed to help kids deal with challenges they may be facing during this difficult time around the world. Each devotional has been carefully selected from our Wonder Devotional Series to help children recognize that God is still in control, and to give them practical help in relying on Him to help them through.

These devotionals will come to your email. You can print them for your child to read and think about, let them read it from your device, or forward it to their device. Reading and discussing each devotional along with your child would further enhance the value and may give you a springboard for further helpful conversation.


The coronavirus is a huge problem, but this brochure reveals our even bigger problem! Find God’s solution through His Son, Jesus Christ. Get answers for yourself, your child, and others in your life as you read and share this thought-provoking message.



Are your kids anxious in these days? God’s promises in this pamphlet will help them fight the spread of fear!

Are your kids anxious about the coronavirus?  CEF has a great publication that addresses children's anxiety over natural disasters, trauma and upsetting events called "Do You Wonder Why?" 
It provides answers to many tough questions.  You can click below to see the video or read this comforting devotional.
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